Want to experience the healing powers of crystals in everyday life?

Perhaps crystals catch your eye and you've been accumulating a nice collection of sparkly treasures... but you aren't quite sure what to do with them? 

You're probably wondering "How exactly do they work?!"

Luckily, the universe brought you here so that you can finally understand the magic behind crystals! And I'm so glad our paths have crossed because teaching people about crystals is one of my favorite things to do - Welcome!

This course will help you deepen your connection with crystal energy, begin your healing journey, and activate your next steps in life. Are you ready to start this journey?

In this introductory Crystal Healing online course, you will learn about crystal energy in conjunction with your energy aura and Chakra System, as a holistic approach for healing your mind-body-energy-emotions. This course will help you understand how crystals work, allowing you to feel confident with selecting and using crystals for shifting various emotions, beliefs, and physical ailments. Become empowered with your healing journey through crystal healing.

This online course is self-study, which means it fits into your schedule and you take it at your own pace!

  • 5 course modules (video presentation format)
    • Module 1: Course overview so you know what to expect, recommended materials, and how to get the most out of this course
    • Module 2: Focuses on your Energy Aura so you can understand how your system heals naturally, prepping you for how crystals can assist this process
    • Module 3: An in-depth overview of the Chakra energy system, infusing you with even more knowledge for how to heal yourself with the integration of crystals
    • Module 4: Learn the science behind how crystals really work, taking into consideration the shape, mineral content, and color when selecting crystals for healing
    • Module 5: Practical application and integration of the magical properties of crystals for your mind-body-soul. This module brings it all together so that you are empowered and confident with incorporating Crystal Healing into your daily life!
  • Supplemental document downloads
  • Bonus crystal attunement meditation audio


Learn how to use the magic of crystals to enhance your life!

Hi! I'm Jess... Here's what you'll learn in this course:


Intro to Crystal Healing Course


"Jessica did an amazing job of teaching about crystals, the chakra system, energy flow and using crystals to attune and align energies. Jessica is a thorough, well educated, calm and an intuitive teacher. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to use crystals as a tool in personal development and healing!"

Rachael C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access the course on your computer (or other digital device that has access to the internet and a web browser, like a tablet or smart phone)

When you purchase the course, you will create an account that give you access to the course. You'll receive an email with your account information and login link (save this email!) so that you can access the online course at anytime.

Each module has a video presentation for that module's subject, and you can track your progress as you continue through the course. Some modules will also have a supplemental document to download. 

This course will take you approximately 3 hours total. In addition to the video modules, there are also supplemental downloads, a crystal attunement meditation, and a fun quiz to test your crystal knowledge.

This course has 5 different modules, so that you can learn at your own pace. You can do the whole course in the same day, or perhaps you only watch one module per day - it's up to you!

Please keep in mind that the modules are meant to be taken in order because there is pertinent information to be learned before jumping ahead to other modules. Even if you think you already know about a topic, I still recommend watching all of the modules in order, as there is always something new to be learned. 

The course doesn't expire!

Once you have purchased the course, you have access to the content for the lifetime of the course.

This means you can take it again in the future, including having access to new content as any updates/improvements are made to the course in the future!


Are you ready to change your life with crystals? Let's get started!

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