Crystal Healer Certification Program

~ Empower yourself with Crystal Healing ~


Whether you are wanting to help others through Crystal Healing, or enhance your own healing journey, this Crystal Healer Certification program is the perfect way to up-level your life and spirituality! Learn how to integrate those sparkly gems into daily your life, for supporting the mind-body-soul. 

This is an in-person group training program offered over a weekend (first day: 6 hours, second day: 4.5 hours), packed with fun and interactive learning! All course supplies are included, just bring yourself and a notebook/pen.

Below is an outline of everything that you will learn, explore, and experience throughout the immersive weekend.

BONUS 1: Continued support via online group

BONUS 2: Online course portal for additional resources, print outs, and supplemental videos 

BONUS 3: You'll receive two crystal healing sessions from another student during the 2-day training

Included for you to take home: A Chakra Crystal Set plus black tourmaline & quartz point, Informative Chakra Art Print, Crystal Pendulum, and Instructional Booklets. Please bring a pen/notebook.

This program is in San Diego, CA. Certification requirements: Saturday 12p-6p & Sunday 12p-4:30p

Space is limited, join the waitlist below. Traveling from out of town? Sojourn Healing Collective is only 4 miles (approximately 10-15 mins) from the San Diego Airport! 

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Meet Jessica Roth

Founder & Crystal Healer Mentor

Jessica is a Certified Crystal Healer and Certified ThetaHealer (energy work), utilizing crystals and energy for healing of the mind, body & soul. She is extremely intuitive, which allows her to guide people towards healing and connecting with themselves on deeper levels. She loves to help others learn how to work with energetic tools, so that they can efficiently transmute influences that might be affecting their own physical and emotional wellbeing (especially those who experience life as an empath / energetically aware person: easily affected by surrounding energies, emotions, people, etc). Teaching and empowering about crystals and energy is her passion, and she looks forward to connecting with you!

"I took my crystal healing certification with Jessica last week and had a great experience! She is extremely knowledgeable in crystals, intuition building, and the human energy field. She taught us an amazing chakra balancing technique that has been really powerful for myself and for my clients. Great program and an awesome teacher, highly recommend!"

Kinsey O'Leary

Become confident with Crystal Healing

Learn both the science and metaphysical qualities, so you can confidently work with crystals!

Make new friends and lasting connections

Meet other students and practitioners in your area who share similar interests! It's a great way to connect & practice.

Included: All the crystals & tools needed to get started

You'll receive a set of crystals, a crystal pendulum, training booklets, reference guides... everything is included!

How this Certification program is different:

The experience of an in-person certification program is extremely important to me! I want to support those who are serious about becoming Certified Crystal Healers. An online certification program typically doesn't allow direct support for students while in the learning/training process, often leaving students feeling lost and unsure if they are doing things correctly.

The Crystal Healers that I have certified are confident with doing Crystal Healing sessions, understanding the course content, and have fulfilled all the necessary requirements. The in-person training ensures you are supported, can ask questions in the moment, and have been trained to properly do crystal healing sessions.

This is why I want to certify you as a Crystal Healer! I want both of us to be confident in the crystal healing work you are doing for yourself, and others :) Setting you up for success is really important to me!

This program has been accredited by the World Metaphysical Association.

Quality of instruction: I am personally guiding you through course content and answering questions, in addition to being present WHILE you are practicing crystal healing sessions. When you take the certification program in-person, this means you have access to my expertise, and can receive guidance and have questions answered in the moment.

Another important element of the training process, is that you will also get to experience a crystal healing session from another student, which helps you better understand the process of what someone will experience when receiving a session from you. This is another component that sets my program apart from online certification programs.

The training is a combination of lecture, visuals, demonstration, Q&A, supplemental conversation topics (these occur naturally, depending on the students attending each training)... Therefore, a variety of learning methods to create a comprehensive certification program.

PLUS, learning how to do the crystal healing sessions in-person. Both doing the sessions on others, and receiving sessions as well. Practical application of the how to do crystal healing sessions = The BEST way to learn!

Included for you to keep: High quality crystal healer kit (the crystals/tools needed for the course/training), including instructional booklets that I've written for this program.

When you are being certified in-person, I am walking you through every step of the course and training. I'm available for questions and guidance at all times during the course of the program. Plus, you are learning from other students as well, as they ask questions you haven't thought of, as you train side-by-side, as they share their experiences, etc. Connecting with the other students is a fun experience, as you share and learn from each other!

And lastly, I get to know you as a person, and will encourage you to express your uniqueness and creativity throughout your learning/training experience.

Pre-requisites: While I don't formally require any pre-requisites, this certification program is very in-depth and "next level". Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have some prior training in an energy healing modality (examples: Reiki, ThetaHealing, etc) to create a solid foundation to build on. While I do cover a lot of the basics for energy auras, chakras, etc., having some basic knowledge upfront would be helpful so that the program doesn't feel too overwhelming. Are you a beginner that needs a place to start? Check out my beginner courses.

Requirements: You must attend both days of the training: Saturday 12p-6:00p AND Sunday 12p-4:30p

Throughout the weekend training, you will have participated in all lectures, interactive activities, practiced a minimum of 2 crystal healing sessions during class, and have read all provided material/booklets.

This training is meant to be a fun and interactive learning experience, where you will also be activated to heal on deeper levels. The more present and open you are to the experience and learning, the more you will get out of it!

If all requirements have been met, you will receive your Certification at the end of the second day!

Program Pre-requisites: While I don't formally require any pre-requisites, this certification program is very in-depth and "next level". Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have some prior training in an energy healing modality (examples: Reiki, ThetaHealing, etc) to create a solid foundation to build on. While I do cover a lot of the basics for energy auras, chakras, etc., having some basic knowledge upfront would be helpful so that the program doesn't feel too overwhelming. Are you a beginner that needs a place to start? Check out my beginner courses.

During the program weekend: Please do not schedule anything else important before or after classes each day. You will have learned a lot of information and will need this time to integrate all that you learned, prep/read the booklets, and process energy from the crystal healing sessions. Treat this weekend as both a time for learning, but also a time for spiritual development and expanding your own journey to the next level. Avoid alcohol/substances, drink lots of water and eat nourishing foods. Allow yourself some alone time to journal, meditate, do yoga or light exercise, rest, etc. The more present and grounded you can be each day, the more impactful the weekend will be.

Is Lodging included? No, this is not an overnight retreat. You are providing your own lodging and transportation. If you are from out of town and need lodging recommendations, please reach out.

"I took part in Jessica's Crystal Healer Certification Course earlier this year and have felt both inspired and empowered ever since! I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to use crystals as a tool in personal development and healing, along with helping others do the same."

Rachael Cohen

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"As a reiki practitioner, I am always looking to expand my knowledge about other healing modalities. I have always been drawn to crystals, but lacked the confidence in knowing how to incorporate them into my healing practice. I am so happy I found Jess! This certification course not only teaches about the energy benefits of crystals, but also incorporates the practical application of them. We were able to go through excercises and practice on each other, which allowed me to use my knowledge and expand my healing practice immediately. The best part of this class was meeting like-minded souls and lifetime friends. Jess provides a space in which our class can interact and ask questions if needed. I highly recommend this certification course to anyone looking to enhance their current healing practice or simply wanting to connect to high vibe souls!"

Michelle Hill

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