Crystal Healing Basics Class

Want to learn more about crystal healing but feel overwhelmed about where to start?

  • Perhaps you're a "crystal newbie" and feel drawn to crystals so you want to learn more about crystal healing...
  • Or you're "sensitive to energy" and are looking to utilize crystals as tools to better manage your energy...
  • Or you're on a spiritual / healing journey and want to start incorporating crystals for personal growth...
You're in exactly the right place, and I have the perfect introductory Crystal Healing Basics class for you!!

But first, let me introduce myself! Hi, I'm Jessica 👋

Founder & Certified Crystal Healer Teacher

I'm a Certified Crystal Healer and ThetaHealer (energy work), utilizing crystals and energy for healing of the mind, body & soul. I'm also extremely intuitive, which allows me to guide people towards healing and connecting with themselves on deeper levels. I love to help others learn how to work with energetic tools, so that they can efficiently transmute influences that might be affecting their own physical and emotional well-being (especially those who have experienced life as an empath / energetically aware person). I've also created an Accredited Crystal Healer Certification training program for those that want to become Certified Crystal Healers and help others. Teaching people to feel empowered with crystals and energy is my passion (can you see it on my face?!), and I hope you are so excited to take this beginner's crystal healing class! 

The Crystal Healing Basics Online Class

This beginner’s crystal healing class will help you understand why you are drawn to these sparkly gems, how and why they can help you, and how to trust yourself with selecting the right ones for you!

At the end of this class, you will feel so much more empowered with selecting crystals for using on your personal healing/spiritual journey. Grab a notebook, your favorite crystals, and let's get started! * Video presentation format

What will you learn in this crystal class?

  • How a crystal's energy actually works (science & metaphysical)
  • What your energy aura is and why it's so important with crystal healing
  • Why clearing your crystals is important (and ways to clear your crystals)
  • Whether or not charging your crystals is important (with the sun, moon, etc)
  • Knowing how to best select crystals specifically for your healing/spiritual journey
  • And much more! Lifetime access to watch anytime
  • Lifetime (instant) access to watch anytime; set aside 1.5-2 hours of time to complete this online class
  • Bonuses: Daily Crystal meditation, and Top 5 Crystals PDF download

"Jessica did an amazing job of teaching about crystals, the chakra system, energy flow and using crystals to attune and align energies. Jessica is a thorough, well educated, calm and intuitive teacher. I highly recommend her courses to anyone looking to use crystals as a tool in personal development and healing!" 

- Rachael C.

Don't miss out! Crystal Healing Basics class $47

Have questions about which course is right for you? Send me an email, and I'll reply as soon as possible!


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