Jess Kay Crystals featured on Redfin Blog - Peaceful Home Tip

I was recently asked to contribute to a Redfin blog article, where they asked for my favorite way to create a positive and peaceful home.

Since my formal training is in Interior Design and Interior Architecture, it was fun to collaborate on this blog article!

Below is my response:

"Find a quiet spot to surrender. Create a space with a comfy chair you can sink into to clear your mind and let go of your worries. This spot can include a pillow and blanket, a favorite crystal to hold, and be sure the space is free of clutter. Then settle into that comfy chair, hold your crystal while closing your eyes, reconnect your breath with your body to notice any tension, and then release stress with each exhale." – Jessica Roth, Jess Kay Crystals

And if you want to read all 15 ways to create a positive and peaceful home, check out the full article on Redfin:



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