Protect your home with a crystal grid

I’ve had quite a few requests for learning how to dispel low vibe energy around your home and property, specifically relating to harmful EMFs and 5G frequencies…

So I’m going to share what my neighbor and I had done a few years ago when we wanted to set the intention for only loving and peaceful energy around us (our houses shared the same property).  

We decided to do a Black Tourmaline protection crystal grid all the way around the property to see if we noticed a shift… and guess what… it worked!! Here’s what we experienced after we did the crystal grid ritual:

  • The energy felt more peaceful on the property
  • The prior gardener (who hadn't been respecting boundaries even after being let-go) stopped coming onto the property
  • The plants, trees and fruit began to flourish! Within a few months, a lot of the plants doubled and tripled in size… this is probably for two reasons: 1. The prior gardener had low vibe energy and since he was no longer around, it was no longer affecting the plants, and 2. Black Tourmaline dispels electromagnetic frequencies that can disrupt plant growth, so now the plant energy was more harmonious and they were able to thrive. 

Since this was so successful for us, I wanted to share how we created the Black Tourmaline crystal grid around the property! 

What you'll need for the home/property crystal grid:

  • Purchased 2 lbs of tumbled Black Tourmaline (pieces were about dime to nickel in size). This was enough for the perimeter of a .25 acre lot.
  • Why Black Tourmaline? This is my favorite crystal for dispelling negative energy and harmful electromagnetic frequencies / 5G. However, you may decide to use a different crystal based on your intention for the crystal grid. Tourmalined Quartz is another great option because it has both Black Tourmaline and Quartz.
  • We decided on our crystal grid intention (“Only peaceful and loving energy on the property”). The intention you select is important, as you’ll be repeating it for each stone placed in the grid around the property.

Creating the crystal grid:

We started at the center point at the front of the property, placing a black tourmaline and stating our intention. Then my neighbor went counterclockwise to circle around one side of the property, placing a black tourmaline every 3 feet, while stating our intention with each stone placed. I did the same, but moving clockwise from that center point, placing a black tourmaline every 3 feet and repeating our intention every time I placed a stone. We moved around the perimeter of the property in opposite directions, meeting at the back center point of the property, having placed stones all the way around the property. Most of the stones were place along the fences, since three sides of the property are fenced.

  • Note: This Crystal Grid Ritual can easily be done with one person; you just start at one point and move all the way around the property until you come back to your starting point. And if you don’t want to do the crystal grid all the way around the property, you can also just do it around the perimeter of your house/building.
  • Optional: My neighbor had a crystal sound bowl that she walked around the property with, using the high vibration sound to clear the energy around the property. You can do this either before or after setting the crystal grid.

And that’s it! 

It's honestly a very simple process, but it's very intentional, and it created wonderful results for us.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to create a crystal grid around your home, and I look forward to hearing how it goes!

If you consider yourself an Empath and/or very in-tune with external energies, and would like to learn more about how to better manage your energy, please check out my Crystal Healing for Empaths mini class!


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