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Crystal Healing for the Mind-Body-Soul

Redfin Feature - Creating a Calm and Relaxing Home Office

Jan 07, 2022

For a second time, I was asked to contribute to a Redfin blog article, but this time they asked for my favorite way to reduce stress in a home office...

This is one of my favorite questions, because the home office is exposed to tons of electromagnetic frequencies that can be harmful to your health/energy!

Below is my home office tip:

"Incorporate black tourmaline to decrease energy-depleting positive ions:

Whenever anyone asks which crystal to use for their office, my first choice is always Black Tourmaline. The mineral content of this iron-based grounding crystal helps...

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Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

Nov 10, 2019

If you’ve heard about Mercury Retrograde (MRx), you may know that it’s a time of year that many people dread… And to be honest, Mercury actually goes retrograde about three times every year (for about three weeks each time)! So it might be happening more frequently than you realize.

Why do people dread Mercury Retrograde?

It tends to be a time when things go a bit wonky… there seems to be an influx of these types of situations occurring during a MRx: electronics break, miscommunications happen, delays and cancellations, unexpected obstacles, technology hiccups,...

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