Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

If you’ve heard about Mercury Retrograde (MRx), you may know that it’s a time of year that many people dread… And to be honest, Mercury actually goes retrograde about three times every year (for about three weeks each time)! So it might be happening more frequently than you realize.

Why do people dread Mercury Retrograde?

It tends to be a time when things go a bit wonky… there seems to be an influx of these types of situations occurring during a MRx: electronics break, miscommunications happen, delays and cancellations, unexpected obstacles, technology hiccups, things from the past show up (people, situations, etc). These things can lead to a lot of confusion, frustrations, stress and anxiety.

Ironically, I was born during a Mercury Retrograde, on the eve of a Full Moon… I’m not sure if that makes me lucky or unlucky! Haha – but I do think it makes me very in-tune to these energies.

During times of MRx, I've learned that if I approach everything with these key methods in mind, it helps me feel more prepared and at ease:

  • Review
  • Revise
  • Reconsider

It’s a time to take things slowly, reviewing contracts or emails, revising things as needed, and reconsidering decisions before signing documents or making commitments. Be prepared to go with the flow, change course, and make adjustments. Knowing this in advance can help you avoid stress and anxiety when things don’t go as planned. Give yourself permission to take a break and rest as needed, take deep breaths, and allow things to settle.

Crystals can also be a great tool for helping alleviate discomfort during MRx. Here are a few of my favorites:

Black Tourmaline: This crystal will ground your energy when you start to feel spacey, overwhelmed and anxious. It will help with settling electronics and technology, as well as dispelling low vibration electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) that disrupt your energy aura.

Amazonite: This crystal will help with promoting heart-based communication, to avoid misunderstandings. It is also calming and tempers any upset or anger, bringing in peacefulness instead.

Lepidolite: This crystal will help diffuse any stress and anxiety that might come up from unexpected outcomes or situations. It contains some lithium, which is very calming and relaxing.

Rainbow Fluorite: This crystal can help you with clarity and decision-making. It helps release confusion and chaos so that you can review things with a clear mind and make informed decisions.

Use these crystals by holding them, keeping in your pockets, or wearing as jewelry, to help keep you balanced during Mercury Retrograde. If you are feeling particularly unbalanced, you can meditate with a crystal or lie down and place it on your body (intuitively choose where) for 10-15 minutes. This allows the crystal to help shift your energy more effectively, especially when paired with an intention.

Want to learn more about how crystal energy works? Check out my Crystal Healing online course or the Balancing and Grounding Workshop!

Please keep in mind that each person is unique and will connect with crystals a little differently, so use your intuition when selecting crystals for yourself and how you work with them. These recommendations are not a substitute for medical treatments/advice, and it is recommended you consult a health professional for any medical concerns.


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