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Crystal Healing for the Mind-Body-Soul

Crystals for a Baby Nursery

Dec 09, 2020

I'm asked quite often which crystals are best for a baby nursery... either someone is looking to gift a crystal to a new mom, or a pregnant mom is wondering what kind of crystal energy they can incorporate into their new baby's room to bring in more peace and love.

In the video above, I share a few of my favorite recommendations...

Even if you aren't putting crystals in a baby nursery, new moms would also benefit from working with these crystals! They can really help with calming, balancing, and grounding a new mom's energy, as it can feel quite overwhelming juggling everything when a...

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Sleeping With Crystals

Oct 16, 2019

Do you have crystals next to your bed, but are still sleeping restlessly?

At my crystal grid workshop last week, we talked about having crystals next to your bed while you sleep... which crystals might be appropriate to have next to you while sleeping, as well as the question: Do you have too many crystals on your nightstand?  

Different crystals have different purposes; some are for activating and energizing, while others are for calming and balancing. So when choosing crystals for your nightstand, think about what kind of energy you want to have next to you for 8 hours while you...

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Crystals For Stress and Anxiety

Apr 17, 2019

Every day most of us deal with stressful current events, society, work environments, home life, and the overall fast-pace of life. All of these can contribute to feeling stressed and anxious in your daily life – and this seems more common than ever. 

Are you feeling this right now?

You’re not alone – I dealt with ongoing stress and anxiety for over ten years and it was when I started working with crystals that things began to shift and I was feeling more balanced and grounded each day. I'm guessing you might want to bring some of this into your life right now?


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